dxʷlesucid Text

The University of Nebraska Press is discounting Lushootseed Texts by 90%, to only $6.50. It has 325 pages and is hardbound. The book is edited by Crisca Bierwert; other contributers include Emma Conrad, Martha Lamont, Edward (Hagan) Sam, Vi Hilbert, Thomas Hess, and T.C.S. Langen.

Stories are provided in dxʷlesucid (Lushootseed) along with an English translation. Stories include “Crow is Sick”, “The Marriage of Crow”, and “The Story of the Seal Hunters”.

3 Responses to “dxʷlesucid Text”

  1. florence Says:


    Thanks for sharing. That’s a terrific deal!

  2. florence Says:

    Weird… it keeps saying “no responses” even though I did post a response…

  3. florence Says:


    I remember now. There is a software bug that equates “one response” to “no response” in the display. It may help if whoever’s updating this to occasionally check for responses in previous entries, even if it says “no response”, and bump it up with an empty post. I think people are more likely to respond in threads that have been responded to. 🙂

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