AICLS in the news

Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival is in the Oakland North in an article titled “Native Americans work to revitalize California’s indigenous languages.”

California, once the most linguistically dense area of what is now the United States, is today home to about 45 or about half the original number. To revitalize languages, the AICLS has developed their Breath of Life workshops and their Master Apprentice program.

To learn more about the language history of Southern California, see Joseph Henderer’s excellent film:

Southern California Indigenous Languages Pilot Film

2 Responses to “AICLS in the news”

  1. Paula Says:

    The entire video was replaced by a loud, mindless piece of police violence. So, of course, I could not see the intended video. I’m sure this was a mistake at some level. Please fix it, so you readers will not be subjected to kind of drivel, and so that we can see the intended video.

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