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Renata Flores sings pop music in Quechua

18 August 2015

Renata Flores Rivera sings Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” and the Animals’s “The House of the Rising Sun” in Quechua (que):

Also, see her YouTube page at Renata Flores Rivera and subscribe.

Videos for eight languages on Gadling

18 May 2012

Gadling, which bills itself as the “world’s top travel blog,” published a post today on eight seldom-heard languages. Each has a YouTube video to watch.

The languages include:

English teacher writes a Jaqaru dictionary

14 May 2012

The On Location series by news company GlobalPost won a Peabody award in 2011.

Posted on 10 May, Alexander Houghton’s video “On Location: Peruvian Indigenous Group Fights to Save Their Dying Language”  highlights the situation of Jaqaru (jqr), a language spoken in Tupe and Catahuasi, Peru, not far from Lima.

With many Jaqaru moving to Lima and the recent arrival of television and mobile telephony, the language is quickly losing to Spanish. One of the people featured (her name is mentioned rapidly in the video) is a native speaker of Jaqaru who has written the only dictionary of her language, but even her own son speaks Spanish. Today, there are about 700 speakers of Jaqaru.

According to “M.J. Hardman — Noticias,” the Jaqaru alphabet was developed by MJ Hardman and Dimas Bautista Iturrizaga by 1961, and according to the video, it was officially accepted last year.

Mashco-Piro linguistically isolated

1 February 2012

For unknown reasons, the Mascho-Piro of Peru killed  Nicolas “Shaco” Flores, the only person capable of communicating with the isolated group. That is according to “Isolated Peru tribe makes uncomfortable contact.”

The Ethnologue has a 1976 citation saying for Mascho-Piro (cuj), saying there are between 20 and 100 people. The “Isolated” article says it is believed there are hundreds in the group.

According to Survival International, there are about 100 uncontacted peoples in the world today, including 15 in Peru.