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Call for language planning policy in Nepal

29 May 2012

According to Wikipedia, Nepal has 0.02% of the world’s land, and according to the Ethnologue, it has 124 languages, which is 1.8% of the world’s 6909 languages that the Ethnologue catalogs.

Two days ago, time ran out for the the Nepali Constituent Assembly to rewrite the constitution, currently an interim document, and it is unclear what will happen next.

According to article five of the 2007 Interim Constitution of Nepal, “All the languages spoken as the mother tongue in Nepal are the national languages of Nepal” and “The Nepali Language in Devnagari script shall be the official language.”

Writing in the Kathmandu Post, Gopal Sijapati Magar calls for a language planning policy for the nation. The article discusses the need for both status and corpus planning as part of that policy.