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Cree broadcast wins journalism award

11 May 2013

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, or CBC, has dozens of locations in Canada and around the world, including CBC North, which provides TV and radio broadcasts in languages such as Chipewyan (chp), Cree (cre), Dogrib (dgr), Gwich’in (gwi), Inuktitut (ike), Inuvialuk (ikt), North Slavey (scs) and South Slavey (xsl).

This past weekend, the Canadian Association of Journalists held their annual conference, including an awards ceremony. Among the winners was the episode “Breaking the mold,” broadcast on the Cree-language Maamuitaau program.

Learn more in the article “Serving Canada’s north – excellence in 8 aboriginal languages” on the Editor’s Blog of CBC News.

Tłįcho app available

17 June 2012

Yes, that’s right. The University of Victoria (Leslie Saxon and Chris Coey) and the Tłįcho Community Services Agency have released a Tłįcho or Dogrib (dgr) app for the iPhone and iPad.

Filled with more than 1300 words and phrases, the Yati Dictionary app includes audio and the ability to add additional vocabulary. Also, the app is free to download and use.