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Endangered Languages Technology Site

9 April 2011

A new site was put up two days ago titled “Center for Endangered Language Technologies.” It is part of the Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.

The stated goal of CELT is “to aid the preservation, revitalization, documentation and other activities related to Endangered Languages through the use of novel accessible language technologies.”

This sounds like it will be a very exciting program!

Tsalagi on the iPhone

30 November 2010

Exciting news in article “Cherokee language added to new iPhone and iPod software“: “The Cherokee Nation has been working with the software developers at Apple, Inc. for several years to incorporate the tribe’s unique written language, called the Cherokee syllabary, into new technology offered by the software giant. Cherokee is the first Native language to be featured on Apple, Inc. devices, and one of about only 40 languages overall.”