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Eugene Homer Casad, Cora Scholar Passes

10 February 2011

Linguist Eugene Homer Casad passed away on February 1st. A graduate of Biola University and University of California at San Diego, he spent his life working on Cora (crn), a language spoken in the Mexican state of Nayarit.

One of the 68 indigenous languages recognized by the Mexican government as national languages, Cora is spoken by about 8000 people according to the Ethnologue. It is also one of the four indigenous languages that share time with Spanish on the radio station XEJMN-AM.

According to the Ethnologue entry for Cora, Casad authored 22 articles on Cora and co-authored a 23rd. Three of those can be downloaded from the Ethnologue site along with two others on Cora.

A small English-Spanish-Cora glossary is available at Pequeño Diccionario Inglés – Español – Cora.

Casad’s obituary may be read in the Gainesville Daily Register and the Linguist List.

Loss of Oneida Speaker

1 November 2010

On September 27, Lorretta Webster passed away, one of the last native speakers of Oneida (one). She began working with the Oneida revitalization program in 1996 when she was in her eighties.

You can read more about Lorretta Webster in the article in the greenbay pressgazette.

According to the Ethnologue, Oneida was estimated to have 250 speakers in Canada and the US in 1991. Wikipedia says there are an estimated 160 speakers, of which only about six learned the language as infants.

Oneida Language Tools provides resources for learning Oneida.

Vi Hilbert Passes On

21 December 2008

Native speaker of Lushootseed turned scholar, Vi Hilbert, passed away on December 19. Truly a cultural and linguistic trailblazer, she inspired many and insisted on sharing culture as a mainstay part of efforts to to maintain and revitalize local culture. Her language accomplishments include grammars, dictionaries, stories and 17 years of teaching at the University of Washington. From the Seattle Times’ article.