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Kiowa – language nesting at home

24 April 2013

According to the Ethnologue, Kiowa (kio) had 400 speakers as of 2007. According to “Modina Waters using children’s story book to keep Kiowa language alive,” there are only 100 fluent Kiowa speakers, and Modina Waters has created a bilingual book for children.

To promote language use, they have a language nest initiative, where people are encouraged to speak Kiowa at home. The Kiowa Kids Language Resource Page includes links to three different dictionaries, a list of words useful for the home, and large-font vocabulary to cut out and use as labels in the home. (Note that the Kiowa Dictionary says that it “is the exclusive domain of Kiowa families.”)

Wyandot Classes Reawakening Language

11 April 2011

As reported in “Fighting to keep threatened Indigenous language alive” on APTN, the Huron-Wendat Nation is now holding Wyandot (wya) classes to reawaken their language.

The area occupied by the Wyandot Confederation once spanned from Quebec in Canada to Oklahoma in the US, and today the language Wyandot is located in each of those locations. In Quebec, there have been no native speakers for about a century, and while there were 24 speakers in Oklahoma as of 2000, Native Languages reports there are no native speakers of Wyandot today.

In Quebec, the Huron-Wendat Nation has launched the Yawenda Project (Facebook) to change that. According to a notice on the Huron-Wendat Nation’s site, Wyandot workshops began at Ts8taïe Elementary School on March 30. A community meeting is scheduled on Wednesday concerning the program.