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Iñupiaq/Inupiatun (esi)

11 April 2007

Roosevelt Paneak has a glossary of Iñupiaq (esi) words. This language is spoken at the northern extremities of the world, where the word for November means sunset (Nippivik wanes into Siqiñaatchiaq).

This citation is taken from the Tulugaq (“raven” in Iñupiaq) blog by Alaskan (and current Texan) Linda Lanz. Her blog includes an interesting map showing where Iñupiaq is spoken.

Also check out the SIL Iñupiaq online dictionary on the Alaskool site from the 1970 publication Iñupiat Eskimo Dictionary by Donald H. Webster and Wilfried Zibell .

Another good resource for learning Iñupiaq is the website of radio station KNBA, featuring a Native word of the day plus archives!

A special mention goes to The Plants of My People, written by Cheryl Ann Wood/Kylee Bautnuq Punguk, an ethnobotany complete with Native, English and Latin designations and accompanying photographs. This book does not appear to be available for sale.