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Rushing to learn English, Zimbabweans forgetting their tongues

30 May 2012

Some of the languages spoken in Zimbabwe and their populations are:

But as children, particularly those in urban areas, strive to learn English and have their attention on iPhones and video games, they are forgetting their native tongues.

In “Zimbabwe: Killing Our Languages Slowly,” Sekai Nzenza laments about the situation even while recognizing the importance of communicating in English. She recalls sitting around the fire, listening to stories about her people. She also recounts that her schoolbook had some of those stories, but also had stories that taught the children to be embarrassed of their language and culture.

Language more precious than land, and Kaurna

29 May 2012

According to “Professor pushes to save endangered languages,” Ghil’ad Zuckermann of the University of Adelaide wants to keep the colors black (people) and red (soil) on the Aboriginal flag but replace the color yellow (sun) with pink (tongue) because of the importance of language.

The professor accuses Australia of linguicide and wants the Australian government to commit $100 million (approx. US $100 million) for reviving Australian and Torres Strait languages.

Also discussed in the article is the development of proper nouns in Kaurna (zku), a language whose last native speaker died in 1931 and which was reintroduced in the 1990s or earlier. About 800 proper nouns have been developed such as for places, conferences and buildings. To learn more about Kaurna, visit Kaurna Warra Pintyandi.

Also noted in the article is the loss of Barossa Deutsch, a German dialect once spoken in Southern Australia.