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“Oh, Mr. Wardrop, I wish I was aboriginal”

3 July 2012

Parkes East Public School is an elementary school in New South Wales, Australia. Since at least 2009, they have had a Wiradjuri (wrh) language program, and this year’s management plan shows that all children partake in that education.

According to the Ethnologue, the language is extinct, but in the video “Wiradjuri,” Lionel Lovett says he knows the language (and the children think he must be two hundred years old).

The video shows some of the education in action. In a startling reversal from the city of Parkes being “very racist” a few decades ago (according to “Our Mother Tongue: Wiradjuri“), one of the teachers interviewed in the video says that students say to him, “Oh, Mr. Wardrop, I wish I was aboriginal.”

Update: See “How a language transformed a town” for more on this topic.

Wiradjuri taught in AU language center

29 June 2011

Read the snippet in “Language centre open” on the Forbes Advocate page for details on this exciting new language center. From the content, it appears a more extensive article should be available in a few hours.

Wiradjuri (wrh) is a language spoken in New South Wales, Australia. Though the Ethnologue lists it as extinct, Wiradjuri elder Stan Grant and others have made impressive headway in revitalization. Unfortunately, the Wiradjuri Language Development Project site appears to be permanently down, though the Internet archive site Wayback Machine has 13 time archives of the site.

Of general interest is the page “Wiradjuri Ngawa Stan Grant Snr” by Stan Grant, where he talks about how to go about revitalizing a language.