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Saving Languages and Dena’ina

26 May 2007

A Plan to Save Thousands of Endangered Languages is an NPR interview (July 14, 2006) with Terry Langendoen and a cameo appearance by Peter Kalifornsky speaking Dena’ina. (Note that the text on the NPR page wrongly states there are 6,000-7,000 declining languages. The interview correctly states that about half that number are in decline.)

Langendoen is the coordinator for cyberinfrastructure of the Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences Division, and co-director of the linguistics program, National Science Foundation.

Peter Kalifornsky is a speaker of Dena’ina. To find out more about Dena’ina, see the Dena’ina Qenaga Website. The “Learning” tab includes an e-mail address for a mailing list. Stories (written and sound) are available under the “Literature” tab.

Blogger note: I am going to vacation tomorrow and look forward to more interesting projects to celebrate language life in early June.