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High school senior revitalizing Salish

11 May 2013

Vance Home Gun, a high school senior, created an organization named “Yoyoot skwkwimlt” to promote Salish, also known as Montana Salish (fla). Read an interview with Gun in “Language Preservation Made Vance Home Gun a Champion for Change.”

Salish language immersion graduation party

5 May 2012

According to The Salish Language, there are 47 fluent Salish (fla) speakers with an average age of 74. To revitalize the language, the Nkwusm Salish Language School provides immersion classes.

According to “Empowering our youth through the Salish language,” a graduation powwow and barbecue will be held on May 26, celebrating the graduation of eighth grader Coral Sherman from the program. It is an exciting event for the community and language revitalists everywhere!

US News in Brief: Bilingual Ed Overview, Salish Immersion, Cherokee Eye Chart

12 February 2011

The Research & Evaluation Division of the Kamehameha Schools in Hawai’i published a short paper in November titled “An Overview of Bilingual Education.” Written by Justin Hong, it provides a succinct look at models/programs and philosophies/goals of bilingual programs. There is also a list of key points that have been learned from bilingual programs, followed by a list of references.

Nk̓ʷusm is a  non-profit organization in Arlee, Montana that operates the Snïiiïo Salish (fla) immersion program for preschool and primary school, with a current enrollment of 30 students. They also have other programs for adults. Nk̓ʷusm also offers a dictionary, CDs and books for sale on their merchandise page.

You know the eye charts with the big “E” at the top used to test your vision? They are now available in Cherokee! The chart was developed by Alex Cruz, an employee at the Kituwah Academy, which offers immersion education in  Cherokee (chr). See Hospital Eye Chart in Cherokee Language for a photo of the eye chart and further details. See also Cherokee Preservation Foundation on Wikipedia for information about cultural revitalization.