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International Mother Language Day in Connecticut

11 February 2011

Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) in the US is rolling out a series of events to celebrate International Mother Language Day on February 21. In addition to exhibitions on endangered alphabets and books about endangered languages, CCSU’s celebration of the day will include a workshop, a film and discussion.

Speakers include Douglas H. Whalen of the Endangered Language Fund, Stephanie Fielding on the local extinct Mohegan (mof) language, Brad Montgomery-Anderson on Mayan, and Akinbiyi Akinlabi and Bruce Connell on two Nigerian languages.

International Mother Language Day was proclaimed in 2008 by the United Nations. The day commemorates the Bengali Language Movement protests in 1952 when University of Dhaka students were killed by the police and army in Pakistan.

February 21: What a great day to celebrate languages!