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Word Search Generator

10 April 2011

A word search is a type of puzzle where there are letters in a grid. You search for a list of words within the grid. Generally, words can run in any direction, but only straight.

Wordsearch has a free tool for generating these types of puzzles.

Many languages use characters not found in the standard English alphabet, and I found Wordsearch can handle them, so I tried making a puzzle from Mi’kmaw or Mi’kmaq (mic) words found on the First Nations site. Mi’kmaw has the l-bar or Ɨ character. The puzzle worked!


It seems that the puzzle generator uses only the characters found in your word list. Many other word search generators randomly use letters of the alphabet, which makes it obvious if you have special characters.

Word searches are great, of course, for learning vocabulary as you have to concentrate on the spelling of the word (and probably pronouncing it to yourself) as you search. Don’t hold your breath, but you have to click the magic button to get the answer key! The key is stored on the Wordsearch site, though whether your puzzles are public or not is something you get to decide.