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A little money goes a long way in Meskwaki Nation

26 February 2011

The Meskwaki Sewing Project of Iowa, US, has received a grant, a mini-grant in fact, according to an article in Indian Country.

The Iowa Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities has granted the sewing project USD 628.

The idea: to teach the younger generation how to sew traditional clothing while conveying the Meskwaki (sac) language. Due to a mistake where the fox clan was generalized as a name for the entire tribe, the Meskwaki and their language are known to outsiders by the exonym Fox.

An interesting side note: The Meskwaki were one of the peoples involved in the Code Talker program during World War II, in which the US government used codes based on NA languages to ensure communications were kept secret.

As always, is an excellent resource for finding glossaries and texts.