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Book: Endangered Austronesian, Papuan and Australian Aboriginal languages

23 January 2011

Edited by Gunter Senft, “Endangered Austronesian, Papuan and Australian Aboriginal languages” is a 227-page anthology on documentation, revitalization and archiving. It was published in 2010.

The monographs include:

Endangered Oceanic Languages

  • Gabriele Cablitz – Marquesas
  • Ingjerd Hoëm – loss and gain
  • Gunter Senft – the Kilivila language
  • Darrell Tryon – Vanuatu

Māori Revitalization

  • Winifred Crombie
  • Diane Johnson
  • Sophie Nock


  • Margaret Florey and Michael Ewing – Maluku
  • Jakelin Troy and Michael Walsh – southeast Australian languages


  • David Blundell
  • Nick Thieberger, Peter Wittenburg and Paul Trilsbeek

Full title: Endangered Austronesian, Papuan and Australian Aboriginal languages: essays on language documentation, archiving and revitalization

Ordering information: Pacific Linguistics Publishers

ISBN 9780858836235

Price: AUD $60/66

This article based on information on the Pacific Linguistics Publishers page.