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Ten Canoes – Film

27 April 2007

The film “Ten Canoes” is getting positive reviews.

The film is shot in Australian languages in addition to English narration and subtitles. One language of the Yolgnu people of the film is Ganalbingu, a dialect of Djinba (djb), and another language used in the film is Mandalpingu or Mandjalpingu, listed as a co-dialect of Djinba in the Ethnologue. At least one more language is spoken in addition to the English narration/subtitles, given as Gunwinggu (gup) on the Wikipedia site for the film, a language from Maningrida. Like Ramingining, the home of the Yolngu, people in Maningrida grow up speaking multiple languages.

A PDF press kit for the film is available from the “Ten Canoes” website, and an educational pack is available for educators as well. To purchase the film, visit Metro Magazine. The base price for the DVD is AUD $35.

Another media source is a short media clip at YouTube of a dhapi’ initiation ceremony for a Djinba boy.

To learn more about Djinba, see Djinang and Djinba: A Grammatical and Historical Perspective by Waters, Bruce E. It appears to be about the only resource on this language.