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Social Software with Language Revitalization

17 March 2011

According to the article “Native Tech Firm Developing Social Indigenous Language Software Platform” on the Falmouth Institute website, Osten Interactive is working on a social software platform keyed to language and culture revitalization.

Social software refers to a system like Facebook or Myspace, where people can post photos and their latest doings for friends and family members. It also allows members to cyberly “meet” new people and chat (type to each other in real time), among many other activities.

What is unique about Osten Interactive’s plan is to incorporate digital storytelling, a multi-dialect dictionary and other features geared toward language revitalization.

According to an article in the February edition of the Muscogee Nation News on Osten’s website, CEO Chris Alexander hopes to develop the software in a year and place it in schools, and once it has demonstrated its worth, request the Oklahoma state legislature to approve it as part of the available foreign language curriculum.

The software would begin with Muscogee/Muskogee or Creek (mus), the language of Alexander’s heritage.