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21 May 2007

Indian language preserved on CD (July 1, 2000): The National Indian Telecommunications Institute uses a grant from the Fund for Four Directions to record Comanche.

American Indian/Alaska Native Education: An Overview (May 21, 2007): Article by Jon Reyhner summarizing the history, current situation and issues of Native education in the US.

Language Activists Panel Summary (1996): Article by Jon Reyhner summarizing opinions on Native education policy in the US.

Oneida Indian Nation Works to Recover its Language (November 21, 2006): NPR broadcast by David Chanatry.

Language Preservation/Retention (2003): Article on Dakotah revitalization efforts including a Scrabble effort. Links to “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” and “Mary Had a Little Lamb”.

Turtle Island Storytellers Network: Pacific Northwest and Northern Plains storytellers hold festivals and other events to maintain the time-honored crafts of storytelling and singing.