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Chitimacha on Rosetta Stone

28 March 2011

Seven decades after the last speaker of Chitimacha (ctm) passed away, great steps are being taken to restore its place in the world as an active language. Chitimacha is a language isolate, once spoken in Louisiana, US.

As reported in “Chitimacha: Building Blocks for Revitalization” on “RVoice: Inside Rosetta Stone,” a Rosetta Stone version of their famous language-learning software has been completed for Chitimacha. Although terms had to be coined for modern words such as computer and newspaper, the language was well documented before it went dormant.

Much work lies ahead in fostering a new generation of speakers through developing the education program to incorporate and complement the software. Read more at “From the Endangered Language Program: Chitimacha Release.”

To learn more about Rosetta Stone’s work with language revitalization, see their Endangered Language Program Page.