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Ojibwemodaa – let’s speak Ojibwe

24 May 2012

Loads of activities are scheduled from 21 to 24 June at the Fond du Lac Ojibwe Reservation, and you are invited! And it’s all free (donations accepted).

This is the fourth Annual Ambe, Ojibwemodaa language camp, featuring native speakers, cultural activities and more.

Those camping are welcome to set up on 20 June to be ready for all the activities. In addition to flute making, Ojibwe Jenga and canoe races, there will be an Ojibwe-only zone (crib notes provided!) Lots of other fun things to do, too.

There are many Ojibwe languages known as “Ojibwe.” The one spoken on the Fond du Lac Ojibwe Reservation is also known as Chippewa (ciw).

Learn more at “Ojibwe Language Revitalization and Traditional Ojibwe Activities to be held over 4 days in Sawyer, MN starting on June 21.”

What is Gegawewamingo Miniss?

13 September 2011

Answer: Stockton Island.
Question: What is Gegawewamingo Miniss?

Answer: Bear.
Question: What is makwa.

So goes Ojibwe Jeopardy, a game invented by Ojibwe park rangers David and Daniel Grooms. As all language learners know, the acquisition of vocabulary is a long, painful process, and a wide range of activities can make learning more fun.

The article “Citizen Dave: St. Scholastica students fight to keep the dying Ojibwe language alive” in the online Isthmus talks about efforts of the Grooms brothers to learn and revitalize Ojibwe, along with a brief history of efforts by the US government to eradicate the Ojibwe language.

Ojibwe (oji) is a macrolanguage with eight dialects according to Wikipedia, and seven according to the Ethnologue. The variety spoken on the Red Cliff Reservation is Chippewa (ciw). Of 720 first-language speakers of Chippewa, one is on Red Cliff, and of about 75,000 second-language speakers, 50 are on Red Cliff–according to Wikipedia (and my calculations).

Hopefully Ojibwe Jeopardy will inspire people to increase that number, and the Red Cliff Band has language classes and resources (Objibwe Language) to help as well.