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Charmorro CDs for sale

22 April 2011

To the east of the Philippines lie the Mariana Islands, the southernmost of which is Guam, a territory of the US. The language of the Marianas is Chamorro (cha), but it is being replaced by English. According to Wikipedia, there are about 47,000 speakers of Chamorro. The language is taught at the University of Guam, which even holds a Chamoru Language Competition.

In 2007, mainland US resident and Guam-born Rose Topasna Howard recorded songs in Chamorro and purchased 500 copies of the CD. Said to have a soothing voice, her songs became popular in Guam, reaching the number one spot in Guam in 2010.

See “Port Orchard woman’s music a hit in Guam” for more information, including instructions on how to order a copy of “Metgot Na Sinente” and an interview of Howard.

To learn Chamorro, see “Chamorro Dictionary” and “Dictionary and Grammar of the Chamorro Language of the Island of Guam.”