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Dorothy Ramon Learning Center

5 May 2007

Inspired by Dorothy Ramon, last fluent speaker of Serrano (ser), Morongo and San Manuel tribal members joined with others from Southern California to found the Dorothy Ramon Learning Center. In addition to Serrano and Desert Cahuilla classes, the Learning Center promotes cultural revitalization through basketry and music classes along with other activities. As of 2007, they are in the process of purchasing a new building. In association with the Learning Center is Ushkana Press, providing publishing services.

A Serrano dictionary is evidently in progress, and a publication with a series of bilingual texts has been published as Wayta’ Yawa’, both by Dorothy Ramon and linguist Eric Elliot. Two other resources for Serrano are Kenneth C. Hill’s 1967 doctoral thesis A Grammar of the Serrano Language and a computerized dictionary he evidently produced.

A dictionary of Cahuilla by Hansjakob Seiler is apparently available from the Malki Museum, and Elliot has also produced a bilingual text ‘ísill Héqwas Wáxisj.