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News on Indigenous Tweets blog

18 May 2011

In addition to helping people finding tweeters in lesser-used languages on Indigenous Tweets, Kevin Scannell has a blog by the same name. (A tweet is a very short message sent out instantaneously to subscribers’ cell phones and posted on the web.)

According to “Interviews Coming Soon,” Indigenous Tweets has added 11 languages, bringing the total to 82. Some of those include languages recently discussed here, namely, Adyghe (ady), Delaware (del) and Yiddish (yid).

Another exciting post is “Not dead yet: John Gillingham on the Cornish Language.” As noted, Cornish (cor) is a language spoken in southwest England, and despite being one of the first victims to the expansion of English, Cornish has nevertheless survived.

The post is primarily an interview of John Gillingham, a student of the decline of Cornish who tweets in the language. He says that there are a couple dozen children raised in Cornish and discusses how disagreements about orthography (spelling) hindered the Cornish revitalization movement in the past.

Another topic discussed is the modernization of Cornish. In order to maintain the interest of particularly younger people, words have been developed for modern technology, and are spread through various media such as books, dictionaries, magazines and radio.

Interview with K. David Harrison

21 April 2009

Technology news Web site Wired yesterday carried an interview with K. David Harrison, linguist at Swarthmore College. Titled “The Linguists Battles Language Extinction on Web,” the article discusses Sundance Film Festival selection The Linguists followed by a Q&A with Harrison.

The movie documents Harrison and Greg Anderson, cofounders of the Living Tongues Institute, as they travel the globe to record speakers of moribund languages.

The article may be found by clicking here.

Also, Harrison is interviewed by NPR at Saving Dying Languages in ‘The Linguists.’

David Harrison Interview on Colbert Report

26 September 2007

On the 26 September broadcast of the Colbert Report (the “t” is silent), mock-conservative news reporter Stephen Colbert deadpans, telling his audience good riddance to half of the world’s languages. Click here (click “Watch Videos Now”) or go to the Comedy Central MotherLoad site and search for “Tongue Tied”.

He then interviews K. David Harrison, professor at Swarthmore College and Director of Research at the Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages, about endangered languages and Harrison’s new book When Languages Die.

Click here for interview (click “Watch Videos Now”) or go to the Comedy Central MotherLoad site and search for “Harrison”.