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News in Brief: Australian Education, Quechua in US University, EL Week Approaching

26 March 2011

Government speaking the Goldfields’ language

In Australia, the government is working with indigenous language groups to create a national framework for teaching indigenous languages in the school.

Quechua Language Finds New Home At American University

The Office of International Affairs at the Ohio State University announced on February 8 that OSU would offer two classes in Quechua (que) in spring quarter, which begins Monday. The classes will be taught by Luis Morató, a native speaker of Quechua. The Incas used Quechua as a means to unify their empire, and with some 44 languages documented under the macrolanguage Quechua, there are more than 10 million speakers today. Despite this number, the language faces great challenged in Spanish-immersed Latin America.

Endangered Languages Week 2011

Once again, the School of Oriental and African Studies of London is holding its annual Endangered Languages Week. The dates this week are from May 9 to 14. Learn phrases and the background of at least 12 spoken and signed languages from around the globe, attend a workshop on documentation and more.