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App for 100+ languages

1 July 2012

The Cherokee app was released for the iPhone in 2010 (see “YouTube video of Cherokee iPhone app” on this blog). Cherokee has a  writing system (Cherokee syllabary) requiring 85 or 86 unique symbols for writing.

Starting in October 2011, FirstVoices has released a series of apps for use on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch:

Each is a free app with educational content.

While the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch have an easy interface for switching among languages, there are many languages that require characters not available. On 18 June, FirstVoices released their FirstVoices Chat app that provides characters for more than 100 languages spoken in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the US.

Also free, the FirstVoices Chat app allows you to set up to seven languages to type in.

High school to offer Sencoten

18 June 2012

Stelly’s Secondary School, a high school in the Canadian town of Central Saanich, BC, will be offering language lessons in Saanich (str-saa) this fall.

Written also as Sənčaθən, as well as SENĆOŦEN in the language itself, Saanich is considered a dialect of North Straits Salish (str). According to “Language holds keys to history,” 50 students have already signed up for the course.

Give me an “S,”
Give me an “E,”
Give me an “N,”
Give me a “Ć….”