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Online Cultural Heritage Tool – Mukurtu

25 March 2011

As announced on Kimberly A. Christen’s blog In Transition, the website for Mukurtu has been launched.

According to the blog entry, “Mukurtu is an open source, adaptable, digital archive and content management tool specifically aimed at the needs of indigenous communities, archives, libraries and museums globally.”

Using a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), the Mukurtu Development team has been reevaluating Mukurtu, toward an updated release.

Mukurtu is a Web 2.0 tool for online social interactions. Based on the programming language Drupal, Mukurtu includes the following features:

  • Tools for typing characters not found on the standard QWERTY keyboard,
  • Fine-grained security to restrict cultural properties as required,
  • Operates on Windows, Mac or Linux, and
  • On-the-fly recording

In addition to the Mukurtu website, learn about the program on BBC’s “Digital Planet” in an episode about ownership and openness. The lead-in to Kimberly Christen’s portion on Mukurtu starts at 8:10.

According to the “About” page, the word Mukurtu means dilly bag in Warumungu (wrm). A dilly bag is used to hold sacred objects.

Kodiak Alutiiq Phrasebook & CD

1 September 2006

Cover of Kodia Alutiiq PhrasebookOrder a phrasebook to help your conversational Kodiak Alutiiq! Filled with 20 sections, this 44-page booklet has a variety of vocabularly selected to help you learn greetings, numbers, weather, hunting, and other helpful words. The accompanying CD follows the booklet and works on both Windows and Macintosh computers.

Sounds of Kodiak AlutiiqTo order, e-mail or telephone the Museum store at (907) 486-7004. You can pay by credit/debit card or by check. The price for the booklet and accompanying CD is $13 plus shipping, $1.75 by regular or $4.05 priority mail as of August 2006 within the US.

The booklet is copyrighted by the Alutiiq Museum and Archaeological Repository and was produced for a master’s project by April Gale Laktonen Counceller. Editing by Jeff Leer.


28 July 2006

I’m taking a few days off from writing posts to take a look at Kirrkirr, a really interesting dictionary program from Christopher Manning.

I’m trying a couple of configurations. One thing I found: To get the sample Japanese file to work correctly (on my PC), I had to change the regional setting to Japan. CM has also suggested an updated version of Java will do the trick but I still need to play with that to see how it works exactly.

Does anyone have any experience using Kirrkirr?

New SIL Fonts

17 June 2006

Mike Cahill of SIL introduced three new Unicode fonts on the Linguist List on 31 May 2006:

Charis SIL font

Doulos SIL font Gentium

Doulos SIL font

I'll try them out and report on how well they work for Makah. Thanks to Adam Werle for the tip!