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Cherokee Google

26 March 2011

Google search now supports Cherokee (ᏣᎳᎩ)

With help from Cherokee Nation staff and community members, Google has added Cherokee (chr) as an interface language. Part of the interface includes a keyboard for typing in Cherokee. As reported on this blog last year, Cherokee is the first indigenous language to be featured on the iPhone.

All together, Google has 228 localization languages under their Google in Your Language, or GIYL, project. The translation is complete for 22 of them, though it seems not all of those have been approved. As part of their localization project (crowdsourcing), Google has created a community. Learn more at the FAQ.

A small caveat about the 228 languages: That number includes seven varieties of English including three non-serious ones such as Pig Latin, 21 varieties of Spanish and a few other versions generally considered as dialects rather than languages.