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TLex Suite Giveaway

21 May 2012

To celebrate the tenth-year anniversary of the start of their professional lexicography software suite, TshwaneDJe Human Language Technology is giving away free dictionary software and dictionaries, in all worth thousands of euros. Included in their giveaway are:

To learn more about their drawings, including other prizes, see TLex 10th Birthday – Free Giveaways and Upgrades. The drawing runs until midnight UTC, 27 May 2012 and is open to businesses and individuals alike.


28 July 2006

I’m taking a few days off from writing posts to take a look at Kirrkirr, a really interesting dictionary program from Christopher Manning.

I’m trying a couple of configurations. One thing I found: To get the sample Japanese file to work correctly (on my PC), I had to change the regional setting to Japan. CM has also suggested an updated version of Java will do the trick but I still need to play with that to see how it works exactly.

Does anyone have any experience using Kirrkirr?