Trilingual education in Bolivia

With the start of the school year in February, schools are teaching indigenous languages for the first time in Bolivia. This is required by the 2010 Avelino Siñani-Elizardo Pérez Law (Spanish), which covers the “traditional knowledge” of students’ communities.

Students will be taught Spanish, plus a foreign language (English, French or Portuguese) and a local language.

See “Bolivia: Indigenous languages taught in school” for more.

2 Responses to “Trilingual education in Bolivia”

  1. anonymous Says:

    They should learn only need to learn Spanish and a Native American language and learn the 3rd only if they go on to University and plan to become a highly educated immigrant to a western country. Learning 2 languages is hard enough (Like in Asia) and the 3rd one will stress the kids out make them not want to go to school.

    • wakablogger Says:

      With modern methods like WAYK and TPR, learning to speak foreign languages is much easier than it used to be, but I agree, this seems like it will cause a lot of stress.

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