Call for an English public access channel in Quebec

According to Wikipedia, 80.1% of the Quebec population is francophonic. It also says that in 2006:

  1. 575,560 (7.7 percent of population) people in Quebec declared English to be their mother tongue,
  2. 744,430 (10.0 percent) mostly used English as their home language, and
  3. 918,955 (12.9 percent according to the 2001 Census) reported English to be their First Official language spoken.

The Gazette of Montreal today carried a special opinion piece today calling for a public access channel to be created for anglophonic artists (“CRTC should pressure Videotron…“)

Citing the figure of 8,000 people in Quebec’s anglophonic artist community plus more than a million francophones who speak English, opinion-writer Borkowsky says the government should renew the operating license of cable operator Vidéotron only if such a channel is created.

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