Aleut revival flatlining

Trailing away from the southwest corner of Alaska are the Aleutian Islands that stretch out in a large, curving arc. Off their tip lie the Pribolof Islands, and northwest of the main section are the Commander Islands.

Aleut (ale), also known as Unangam Tunuu, is spoken on all of these islands, but despite revitalization efforts, the language is languishing. The Ethnologue cites 300 speakers as of 1995, which had halved by 2007 according to Wikipedia.

St. Paul is an island and city in the Pribilofs, and the language situation there is the topic of a news story, “Unangan Community Struggles to Save Language.”

This blog post was inspired by “Movement to save a dying Alaska language struggles,” which also notes that Senate Bill 130 passed into law on Monday (see “Alaska Native Language Council bill awaiting signature” on this blog).


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