Aesop and Tlingit

The great storyteller Aesop lived in Greece more than 2500 years ago. Among his stories is “The Town Mouse and the City Mouse,” in which two mice visit each other’s homes respectively in the country and the city. The city mouse finds the simple fare of the country mouse unappealing, and the country mouse finds the danger of the city unworthy of the fine food.

According to “Children’s book aims to save dying Alaskan language” on the Guardian website, that classic tale has been reworked into Tlingit (tli) with bears instead of mice. Also according to the article, this is the first English book to be translated into Tlingit.

Titled “Aanka Xóodzi ka Aasgutu Xóodzi Shkalneegi,” the book is written by Ernestine Hayes and illustrated by Wanda Culp. The publisher is Hazy Island Books.


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