Book – Ethnography and Language Policy

Last December, Routledge published the book “Ethnography and Language Policy,” edited by Teresa L. McCarty, a professor at Arizona State University whose publications include “A Place to Be Navajo” as well as works on language and literacy.

The contents begin with a foreword by Courtney Cazden and include:

  1. Introducing Ethnography and Language Policy – Teresa L. McCarty
  2. Critical Ethnography and Indigenous Language Survival – Teresa L. McCarty
  3. “How Are You Hopi if You Can’t Speak It?” – Sheilah E. Nicholas
  4. Diaspora Communities, Language Maintenance, and Policy Dilemmas – A. Suresh Canagarajah
  5. Reconstructing Ethnography and Language Policy in Colonial Namibian Schooling – Rodney Hopson
  6. Language Ideologies, Ethnography, and Ethnology – Perry Gilmore
  7. Language, Globalization, and the State: Issues for the New Policy Studies – James Collins
  8. International Migration and Quichua Language Shift in the Ecuadorian Andes – Kendall A. King and Marleen Haboud
  9. Exploring Biliteracy in Mäori-Medium Education – Richard Hill and Stephen May
  10. Languages, Texts, and Literacy Practices – Wales, Marilyn Martin-Jones
  11. The Ethnography of Language Policy – Nancy H. Hornberger and David Cassels Johnson

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