Review of “Spoken Review”

John Well’s Phonetic Blog has a review of the book “Spoken Here: Travels among Threatened Languages.”

As mentioned in the review, the books’ author Mark Abley is not a linguist, but provides a range of information about threatened languages around the world.

One language mentioned in particular is Yuchi (yuc), a language isolate in the US.

A language isolate is one that cannot be demonstrated as being related to another language. English, for example, is related to Dutch, Frisian and German, and therefore is not an isolate.

Update: The blog post on John Well’s Phonetic Blog appears to have been taken down.

3 Responses to “Review of “Spoken Review””

  1. Peter Austin Says:

    The link to appears to be broken.

  2. wakablogger Says:

    Thank you! It appears the post has been deleted.

  3. Review of “Spoken Review” – Ethnos Project Crisis Zone Says:

    […] Link to the original site Filed in Language by Mark Oppenneer SHARE THIS Twitter Facebook Delicious StumbleUpon E-mail « Traditional Knowledge, Cultural Property and Genetic Resources » Seeds for Higher Growth in Rwanda No Comments Yet […]

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