Nuu-chah-nulth Facebook page providing lots of short lessons

As reported in “New Technology Used to Restore Ancestral Language” on the Ha-Shilth-Sa website, Naomi Fraser has a Facebook page dedicated to Nuu-chah-nulth (noo).

Created in July 2010, the Facebook page has a little more than one post per day on average, generally a very short video demonstrating how to pronounce words and phrases. Often the videos contrast two words or syllables that are similar. Tuesday’s lesson, for example has the goal of learning the word “ʔuuʔumḥisa” (just the right amount), and provides the building blocks of ʔuu, ʔu, ʔuum, ʔum, ḥii, ḥi, saa, and sa to help you pronounce the target word correctly.

The Facebook page also has a YouTube companion, the Nuuchahnulth Language channel, with Katherine Fraser pronouncing words and phrases.

In both the Facebook and YouTube videos, the words are written as well, aiding in people learning how the complex sounds of Nuuchahnulth are written.


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