Australian Homage to the Green Book: Re-awakening Languages

Last November, a book was published that brings together works from nearly 50 authors. Titled “Re-awakening Languages: Theory and Practice in the Revitalisation of Australia’s Indigenous Languages” and available from Sydney University Press for AUD 65, the book spans about 450 pages and has an index 24 pages long. It is intended to provide people working in the field with practical examples of how language revitalization is being implemented in Australia.

The editors of “Re-awakening Languages” state in their introduction that their volume is an homage to the Green Book of Revitalization (USD 52), which came out in 2001 with more than 30 monographs on language revitalization projects. Like the “Green Book,” this publication has a mix of practice and theory, and one of the hopes expressed is that “Re-awakening Languages” will heighten awareness among revitalizers who work in a community isolated from other revitalizers. A stated aim of the authors is to ensure the content is accessible, avoiding linguistic jargon.

In the introduction, the editors also note the sense of optimism that emerges from the papers in the book.

Editors: John Hobson, Kevin Lowe, Susan Poetsch and Michael Walsh
ISBN: 9781920899554

This post was inspired by “Bringing Australian native languages back from the brink!

3 Responses to “Australian Homage to the Green Book: Re-awakening Languages”

  1. Cab Says:

    ¿Existe el libro verde de revitalización en español?
    Agradezco respuesta.

  2. wakablogger Says:

    Dear Cab,

    Thank you for your question.

    It says at Plenary Address: Leanne Hinton that “…efforts are being made to translate it into Spanish.” I sent an e-mail to Leanne Hinton, asking for further information and will update if I receive a response.

    Kind regards

    • wakablogger Says:

      Leanne Hinton e-mailed me, saying that people have talked to her about translating the Green Book into Spanish, but nothing has ever gotten started.

      It would be a great resource in Spanish, and I like the title “El Libro Verde.”


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