Hawai’i Resolution for Hawaii Language University

Hawai’i State Senators Brickwood Galuteria, Michelle Kidani, Jill N. Tokuda, Gilbert Kahele, and Malama Solomon have offered (submitted) a resolution requesting consideration of a Hawai’i-language university.

Citing the facts that Hawai’i is the only US state with a native language as an official language, that the 2000 census showed Hawaiian is the only native language in the US that is growing, and that the University of Hawai’i System is the only provider of public higher education, the resolution calls for an academic symposium to consider creating a Hawaiian Language University within the University of Hawai’i System. The resolution also cites the presence of the Puko’a Council, an advisory group formed in 2009 of Native people for the University of Hawai’i System.

No hearings or further actions have been taken at this point. Click Measure History to watch progress of this resolution. Click SCR52 to read the text of the resolution.

In the United States, a “state senator” is a member of the upper house in a state, as opposed to a “US senator” who represents a state in Washington, DC.


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