RezWorld Demo – Task-based Language Instruction

Thorton Media, Inc. (TMI) creates tools for indigenous languages in Canada and the US. They are the company behind the Tsalagi or Cherokee (chrlanguage app for the iPod/iPhone (see earlier post) and also produce the Language Pal for the Nintendeo DSi (a handheld video game machine).

Alelo is a company that makes interactive 3D video games, the sort where you play a character and interact with computer (or other human) characters.

Together, they have created a pilot for a game to learn languages in an interactive setting. It uses a task-based approach, where the player/learner is given a task to do and uses the target language to complete the task. The concept is that by creating a world that has game qualities, the user will forget they are in a learning environment and instead strive to learn the language while having fun. Named RezWorld, the pilot is in Cherokee and draws on on-rez life.

The game is planned to have as many as 12 levels and is intended to be customizable for any language. TMI is currently seeking a group interested in creating the first full version. The basic price is USD 300,000 for one level and $1 million for a complete set. Once the first game is complete, the price would drop dramatically, with packages estimated as low as $250,000 for a full game.

In addition to a dictionary, grammar explanations and translations, the game would include, as an example:

  • 40 skill building lessons with an aim of at least 1800 vocabulary words
  • 100 dialogs
  • 1000+ exercises and quizzes
  • 1900+ lesson pages
  • 9 Game scenes

To learn more, see their FAQ. To inquire about RezWorld, an iPhone/iPod app, DSi application or other application in your language, see their contact page.


3 Responses to “RezWorld Demo – Task-based Language Instruction”

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