Workshops by CILO – US

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation provided a grant last year to bring together four language revitalization organizations in the US, forming the CILO partnership. (The grant is apparently through the Tides Center.) CILO stands for Consortium of Indigenous Language Organizations.

The four organizations are:

  1. AICLS – Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival
  2. AILDI – American Indian Language Development Institute
  3. ONLA – Oklahoma Native Language Association
  4. ILI – Indigenous Language Institute

The mission of CILO is to provide training for those involved in language revitalization. Their primary project is Language Immersion for Native Children (LINC) to focus in particular on language transmission to children up through age eight. Their diverse range of workshops are fee-based and open to all interested, including teachers, parents and other advocates.

CILO has created a catalog listing their workshops, and are open to expanding their offerings and locations. Currently planned workshops include:

  • A three-day workshop for planning/starting an immersion program. Covers such situations as home immersion, day care center learning and Head Start education
  • A two-day workshop on setting up a Master-Apprentice Programs (2008 presentation)
  • A three-day workshop for parents, grandparents and other community people working with preschool and Head Start children
  • A three-day workshop on computer and multimedia technology, including computing (typing in NA languages) and creating audio books
  • A one-day seminar for administrators

A wide range of exciting options for training the trainers!

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