Māori in the Return of the King

It’s been eight years since Peter Jackson’s version of Tolkien’s “Return of the King” was released. Tonight, passing through the credits, I happened on some Māori (mri). It says:

Me mahara tonu tātou ngā Uri-āpakura nō tūnuku nei, nō te wāotū, te tu kekehua ana o ngā Eldarin kua hohoū mai i te Uru-moana.

According to the IMDB,  AbercrombieOfRohan, and Rand al’Thor, this means:

Let us dedicate our memories to the spirits of the Eldar who came to us from the Ocean that lies to the West.

The film was filmed in Aotearoa (New Zealand), and the Making Of portions of the DVDs show Māori actors as well as the incorporation of Māori culture in scenes such as at the Battle of the Hornburg.

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