Book Sale

The Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project (or HRELP if you prefer) has completed work on a new ordering system and is celebrating with a discount of 10 percent off their Language Documentation and Description series, primarily comprising working papers from workshops at SOAS, where HRELP is housed.

Each of the eight volumes has an RRP (recommended retail price) of GBP 12.5, but is selling through March 31 for GBP 10. (A quick estimate of currency conversion can be had by Googling “10 GBP to XXX” where XXX is the desired currency.

Looking through the descriptions, Peter K. Austin provides an introduction to volumes 1 to 7, with Imogen Gunn & Mark Turin providing a preface to volume 8.

Volume 1 starts off with a bang, providing a CD-ROM with stories, songs, a dictionary and more from the Karaim (kdr) community in Lithuania, in addition to a series of interesting-looking articles.

Among the selections in volume 2 are articles on capacity building in a language revitalization context. Capacity building refers to providing assistance in a way that builds expertise among people in the target area. Volume 3 includes a paper on the cross-disciplinary work of anthropologists and linguists (Thomas Widlok).

Each volume has a number of articles, but volume 4, in particular, must be mentioned for its CD-ROM “The Disappearing Sounds of the World’s Languages, based on a lecture by the late Peter Ladefoged. Also, volume 5 includes articles on the theme of digital video and archiving.

While all of the articles in volume 6 sound interesting, the title that caught my eye was “Rescuing Maori – the last 40 years” by Bernard Spolsky. Volume 7 includes both an article on sign language documentation (Adam Schembri) and one on applying for grant (Peter K. Austin).

Don’t miss volume 8 – it’s not listed on the other volume pages. Among the articles listed are “Re-sounding the Spirits of Altaian Oral Epic Performance: Kai throat-singing and its repercussions” (Carole Pegg).

Some great resources. Perhaps just buy the whole lot for a savings of GBP 20, but only through March.


2 Responses to “Book Sale”

  1. Peter Austin Says:

    Thanks for mentioning our publications — the discount is actually 20 percent off as no postage or packaging will be charged for the next 3 months. Note that Volume 7 contains lectures from the 3L Summer School held in London in 2009.

  2. HRELP Book Sale Update – 20% Off « Living Languages Says:

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