Fellowships for Studying Kichwa

Among other objectives, the Andes and Amazon Field School teaches Kichwa and trains students to work with indigenous communities. According to their website, their program qualifies as a use of FLAS Fellowships. See their Fellowship webpage for more details (the deadline is March 1) and a link to the FLAS Fellowship application form.

FLAS stands for Foreign Language and Area Studies and is a US program. FLAS Fellowships are granted to graduate students in the US who are US citizens or permanent residents.

The language Kichwa taught at the Field School appears to be named Tena Lowland Quichua by the Ethnologue, with the ISO code quw. According to Wikipedia, the Amazonian Kichwas are one of a number of ethnic groups living in South America who speak a Quechua language.

A number of recordings in Quichua/Quechua can be found at the Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America.


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