Tsalagi on the iPhone

Exciting news in article “Cherokee language added to new iPhone and iPod software“: “The Cherokee Nation has been working with the software developers at Apple, Inc. for several years to incorporate the tribe’s unique written language, called the Cherokee syllabary, into new technology offered by the software giant. Cherokee is the first Native language to be featured on Apple, Inc. devices, and one of about only 40 languages overall.”


3 Responses to “Tsalagi on the iPhone”

  1. RezWorld Demo – Task-based Language Instruction « Living Languages Says:

    […] US. They are the company behind the Tsalagi or Cherokee (chr) language app for the iPod/iPhone (see earlier post) and also produce the Language Pal for the Nintendeo DSi (a handheld video game […]

  2. Cherokee Google « Living Languages Says:

    […] as an interface language. Part of the interface includes a keyboard for typing in Cherokee. As reported on this blog last year, Cherokee is the first indigenous language to be featured on the […]

  3. YouTube video of Cherokee iPhone app « Living Languages Says:

    […] mentioned on this blog (Tsalagi on the iPhone), there is an iPhone app that assists with learning Cherokee (chr). Here is a YouTube video that […]

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