FEL Proceedings on Sale

The Foundation for Endangered Languages holds an annual conference. FEL XIII – Endangered Languages and History will be held on September 24-26 in Tajikistan.

In the meantime, the Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project is selling copies of proceedings from past conferences at a discounted rate. Normally, 20 pounds, HRELP is selling them for 12 pounds per copy. The proceedings from each year beginning with FEL II are available.

Get ’em while they’re hot: The sale ends on September 15.

Here are the titles in case you need just a little more temptation:

  • 2008 – Endangered Languages and Language Learning
  • 2007 – Working Together for Endangered Languages – Research Challenges and Social Impacts
  • 2006 – Vital Voices: Endangered Languages and Multilingualism
  • 2005 – Creating Outsiders: Endangered Languages, Migration and Marginalisation
  • 2004 – On the Margins of Nations: Endangered Languages and Linguistic Rights
  • 2003 – Maintaining the Links: Language Identity and the Land
  • 2002 – Endangered Languages and Their Literatures
  • 2001 – Endangered Languages and the Media
  • 2000 – Endangered Languages and Literacy
  • 1999 – Endangered Languages and Education
  • 1998 – Endangered Languages: What Role for the Specialist?

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