LD&C – Free, Peer-Reviewed Journal

The e-journal Language Documentation & Conservation (LD&C) was launched last month by the University of Hawai‘i Press to journal endangered language issues. It is a semi-annual, refereed journal, and the articles are available on the Website in PDF format. The inaugural issue has topics of interest such as solar power for fieldworkers, copyrights, Toolbox, and revitalization ethics.

The editorial staff includes Kenneth L. Rehg, Albert J. Schütz, Yuko Otsuka and Nicholas Thieberger.

2 Responses to “LD&C – Free, Peer-Reviewed Journal”

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  2. Mark Says:

    When it comes to languages on the edge of extinction, the tide has at last turned thanks to technology and the ability to perserve languages even if native speakers are less and less. The problem is for a language to really be alive it has to have a critial number of native speakers or continue to transform the language.

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