British Columbian Language Funding

Last week, the Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation of British Columbia announced funding in the amount of $1.2 million to support language and culture in the westernmost province of Canada.

According to the press release, $500,000 or just over 40% of that funding will come from the New Relationship Trust (NRT), a non-profit organization supporting First Nation communities in areas such as education language and economic development. The remaining amount will come from the province itself, the Aboriginal Head Start Association of BC (AHABC), and the First Peoples’ Heritage, Language and Culture Council (FPHLCC).

In addition to supporting community language/culture authorities, the funding will assist with language/culture camps, master-apprentice programs, and pre-school immersion programs.

The FPHLCC has put together a useful online Language Toolkit to assist people wanting to learn an endangered language, type in it, or put together a revitalization program. It also includes further links to funding sources, stories for children, and documents such as sample consent forms useful for language research programs.

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