Reclassification of Yaghnobi?

In April, the blog Birds’ Words reported that Yaghnobi or Yagnobi (yai) may have been misclassified as an endangered language due to inadequate information. Last updated in 2003, the UNESCO Red Book of Endangered Languages classifies this language in Tajikistan as endangered, with about 2000 speakers and little transmission to children.

Birds’ Words reports that an SIL team has further researched the situation and found that the language is doing well, with more than 13,000 speakers and transmission to children the norm, though the Ethnologue cites a 1975 SIL source for only 2000 speakers.

An online lexicon compiled by one of the Birds’ Words’ bloggers is available here in html and here in pdf for Yaghnobi, Tajik and English. Also see the blog moved from Birds’ Words’ blog at The Yaghnobi.


3 Responses to “Reclassification of Yaghnobi?”

  1. Bahrom Says:

    I have moved the post Is Yaghnobi an Endangered Language? to a new blog: The Yaghnobi.

  2. Bahrom Says:

    I have moved the Yaghnobi lexicon to a new blog: The Yaghnobi.

  3. Bahrom Says:

    I have just posted the final version of my MA Thesis, Aspects of Yaghnobi Grammar on The Yaghnobi blog. All those interested are welcome to download a copy. All I ask is that you leave a comment describing your interest in the language.

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