Bill Bright, in Memoriam

On October 15, renown scholar Bill Bright passed away. Although known particularly for his work with Karuk (kyk, also known as Karok), Bill Bright published works dealing with a wide range of languages, including European and South Asian tongues.

For his curiosity at a young age, he was nicknamed uhyanapatánvaanich (little word asker) and was recently made the first ever honorary member of the Karuk tribe.

Last year, a dictionary was published on the Karuk language, incorporating Bill Bright’s 1957 dictionary. It appears that the earlier work might be available here (search for Bright) as ISBN 9-9999-0030-0, but the title is given as Karuk Language, whereas the title is supposed to Karok Language. The newer dictionary is ISBN 1933408030 given at Fetch Book Info, but does not appear to be available for purchase. An online version of the dictionary is available here.

His Luiseño (lui) dictionary is available at Amazon.

See his New York Times obituary on the Linguist List (having trouble locating it with the NYT search).


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